July 28th, 2022 Meeting
Port-Summit Rotary created blankets to deliver to Children's Services today for foster children.  These fleece blankets will go to a wide range of ages of children.  Each blanket needed cut, tied, and given some personal message for the child who receives it.  This was a fun and different way to spend our meeting while directly serving children in foster care.
The meeting was highlighted by a virtual visit from Jessica Rudolph from My Very Own Blanket.  Admittedly, we got the blanket project idea from her so the club was very interested to hear from her.  Jessica shared how these blankets are designed to be compatible across a wide range of ages and needs. 
Jessica explained that in the foster system it is common for a child to have difficulty hanging on to items they can call their own.  The labeling on the blankets was designed to remind the child that the blanket is indeed theirs and help prevent it from being separated from them.  Each blanket also carries a short special message from the person who made it.  These blankets can help give a child a sense of security, comfort, and that something in their life is consistent.
We are very grateful that Jessica took close to half an hour to help us.
There are many ways to contribute to the My Very Own Blanket program.  You can buy blanket kits, make your own blankets and affix their labels, visit their organization to have a blanket party, or host blanket parties of your own with guidance that Jessica can provide.  To learn more: https://www.myveryownblanket.org/
Overall consensus from the group was positive and we're drumming up ideas to support My Very Own Blanket and get more blankets into the hands of foster children.